Incorporation of Schools

Incorporation of Schools

  • Incorporating the legal entities to administer schools
  • Assistance in the process of obtaining operating licenses
  • Assistance in the development of the Educational Project, and in the introduction of modifications to comply with the law
  • Assistance in drafting the Students Rule Book, and in the processes of modification to comply with the applicable regulations
  • School governance consultancy
  • Compliance with regulations for International Schools
  • Determining tuition fees, and other charges:
  • Assistance in determining the applicable tariff regime
  • Assistance in the implementation of the Self-Assessment Manual for classification under the tariff regime
  • Support in the process of obtaining quality accreditations
  • Consultancy and review of charges for items other than tuition fees


  • Assistance drafting educational services contracts.
  • Support drafting contracts with services providers

School Coexistence

  • Assistance to School Coexistence Committees
  • Evaluation of implementation of School Coexistence Regulations
  • Implementation of plans foto guarantee the compliance with regulations on School Coexistence
  • Support in handling situations that affect school coexistence
  • Support in the development of disciplinary procedures
  • Education for people with disabilities
  • Comprehensive Support Plan for compliance with the provisions of Decree 1421 of 2017 on inclusive education for people with disabilities.

School Outings

  • Assistance in the compliance with the Ministerial Directive and other applicable regulations for pedagogical outings.
  • Negotiation of contracts with specialized providers of school outings

Administrative and judicial proceedings

  • Support in various administrative procedures before the Secretariats of Education.
  • Representing schools in administrative and judicial proceedings